New ways to support career learning in primary education

We are excited to be taking part in a new Erasmus+ European Project aimed at supporting career learning in primary education.

More about JOBLAND

The JOBLAND project aims to help children explore the world of work, strengthen competences, raise aspirations, and broaden horizons. The project is a partnership of six countries: Romania, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Denmark, and the UK and will take place over 18 months.

CASCAID’s project team attended a recent project meeting in Barcelona Spain. This was hosted by DEP Institut, a research-led organisation specialising in applied sociology and career guidance services across Spain.

At the meeting, the team took part in a series of workshops, presentations, and working groups aimed at delivering the outputs of the project. Check out the JOBLAND website to view these outputs.

The meeting also included a review of the national focus groups which took place earlier this year with educators in each country.  We were responsible for presenting the results of the UK focus groups.

How will CASCAID contribute to the project?

CASCAID will be working with the project group and educators in the UK to design a new tool to support career learning in primary schools, building on existing models of best practice.

Part of the project will involve running a series of pilot programmes in UK primary schools. Teachers and students will have the chance to test the new tool and feedback on its design. If you are interested in taking part please contact us directly here

CASCAID has been involved in a number of international projects that support lifelong guidance over the years, and we review national approaches to careers education for both public and private organisations.