How online career planning & future readiness software is like having a (really smart) virtual assistant

If you’re an educator, who now has to pivot to running a successful career planning and future readiness programme remotely, then Xello can help.

The administrative work of preparing students for their futures can be challenging at the best of times. And if you’re now facing the new reality of having to manage all of this remotely from home, then we truly feel your pain.

Are you finding yourself juggling a number of priorities and wondering which ball might have to drop? Whether you’re keeping track of student progress, making sure all your students remain engaged in career planning from outside the classroom, in addition to staying up to date on career trends and the day-to-day changes across the nation, and the world. It can be a lot.

What if you had a virtual assistant who understood the journey you want to take your students on? An assistant that knows the career planning and future readiness programme for your school or college as well as you do? One who can help with lessons, assigning remote activities—and also empower students to explore and track their own career and post-secondary options? All from the comfort of their homes or the classroom.

When you use online career planning software, it’s truly like being able to rely on a really smart virtual assistant. A great online platform harnesses the power of technology to deliver the information students need to know–while freeing educators from the administrative stress of researching and writing plans at home.

Here are just some of the things your amazing virtual assistant (read: your online career planning program) can help you do.

Help Engage Students With Interactive Lessons They Complete From The Comfort Of Their Homes

Today’s students need soft skills that extend beyond purely academic knowledge to help prepare them for the world of work. The best online future readiness software employs experienced content specialists to prepare age-appropriate, year-group-specific lessons. This approach ensures that your students are engaged in the right self-discovery, reflection and skills development activities, at the right times.

We know that Generation Z is particularly receptive to digital learning, preferring to interact with online programs over hardcopy lessons. To inspire engagement as most learning shifts online in response to COVID-19, consider exploring our brand-new product, Xello.

Xello’s lessons employ a variety of rich visual content and interactive features. Lessons are also uniquely designed to make each students’ learning experience personalised and relevant to them. Students’ saved careers and interests are woven directly into the narrative of lesson content and outcomes, which helps them make that all-important connection between the subjects they’re studying and their future aspirations.

This personalised experience can give educators the confidence that they’re helping students build critical hard and soft skills without spending hours creating individualised lesson plans at home or manually tracking lesson completion in a separate system.

Empower Students To See Plans Through Even When They’re Stuck at Home

If you’re using a high-quality career and future-readiness program to support your delivery of careers education, some of the pressure and responsibility you feel toward guiding your students will be taken off your shoulders. Here’s why: in addition to being more engaged, students are empowered to take ownership of the direction of their learning. This means there is less need for you to constantly nudge them along.

Within Xello, students can build actionable plans and goals. They can start with a course, a college or university, or even a career. They then create plans that align with their post-secondary goals. Plans are easy to share and they can even be printed for discussions with parents.

As a result, one-on-one virtual meetings with careers leaders or heads of sixth form are more productive and conversations can build upon the work students have done independently. Even better, the power to share their profile and plans with their parents at home, to get buy-in and feedback, helps validate and further motivates students to stick to their plans as they get accustomed to virtual learning.

No Need To Go Looking For The Latest Post-secondary And Career Information

Keeping all the administrative balls in the air can keep educators from staying on top of the latest career trends. But having information about all possible pathways is precisely what students need to make important decisions about their future.

Most online career planning software offers up-to-date information on careers, including salaries, job conditions and the educational pathways to qualify. Xello even offers real day-in-the-life accounts of what it means to work in each of the hundreds of featured jobs.

When it comes to universities or colleges, students get an inside view with insights into things like school demographics, admission requirements, extracurricular activities, and more. Xello’s integrated Street View via Google maps even allows students to (virtually) step right onto campus and see what things look like.

One of the biggest reasons for resistance to adopting new technology in any sector is the learning curve associated with successfully mastering it. However, now that many schools and colleges are finding themselves exploring online learning to support their students as they learn remotely, it is worth remembering that the latest cloud-based software solutions can help. These solutions incorporate simple menus, lots of graphics and easy-to-follow paths so that students and educators are able to start using immediately and proving tangible value from the first time they log in.

Finally, remember that you can lean on your virtual assistant as much as you want without feeling like you’re overburdening them. In fact, the more you use them, the more efficiently the whole online program will work for you and your students.

You might say that it’s an administrative match made in heaven during these remote working days.