CASCAID and Xello join forces to strengthen impact on future readiness

Global career development leaders Xello (formerly Career Cruising) and CASCAID have formally joined forces to strengthen their collective impact on future readiness. 

Xello purchased CASCAID from Loughborough University after a 15+ year partnership to enable both organisations to expand their reach and help more people create successful futures.

Both organisations offer highly-respected online programs that help people achieve the best possible future for themselves through self-knowledge, exploration, and planning. 

CASCAID and Xello also share a similar client base comprised of educational institutions, libraries, employment centres, and other organisations focused on delivering career development programs and services.

Matt McQuillen, Chief Executive Officer of Xello, had this to say about the partnership:

“Combining the two companies is a natural evolution of our long-standing partnership. Our organisations are mission-focused technology companies committed to improving people’s lives. Combined, we are an even stronger force for our clients and the students and adult learners we serve.” 

Jim Burton, Chief Executive Officer of CASCAID, added:

“Our two companies have helped over 60 million people understand the world of work and make the best possible learning and working plans for their future. Collectively, our experience and knowledge will drive continued innovation and allow us to reach even more people.”