Linking learning to the world of work with CV Builder

Xello’s new CV Builder tool is a powerful step in helping students connect their personal experiences of education and work they’ve recorded in Xello directly with the real world, and motivating them to continue building their future plans. 

With everything that is going on in the world, students could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed and insecure about their futures. As educators, you know how important it can be to motivate and empower your students to make that connection between what they’re learning in the classroom, or at home, and their real-world aspirations. 

In Xello, students have the tools to build self-knowledge, think about how their interests and skills align to different career paths, and build actionable plans. None of this activity has to stop because of external factors, such as Covid-19. In fact, it may help students’ wellbeing to focus efforts on planning for the future now more than ever. 

Empower your students to connect learning with the real world

Xello’s CV Builder tool makes it easy for students to take the valuable information they’ve learned about themselves through assessments, self-reflection, and early experiences, and turn it into a professional CV. 

Learning to write a standout CV is a valuable skill to hone at any age. As such, the tool will be available to students in years 7 through 13, but may become particularly important as part of year 9 PSHE lessons ahead of year 10 work experience. 

An intuitive experience for your students with an easy way for you to manage progress and provide guidance

Your students will be able to access the CV Builder from the About Me section. 


When they click on the CV tile for the first time, they’ll be presented with a quick multiple choice question to put their CV knowledge to the test. 


When adding Skills & Interests, students can see and select from those they’ve already saved to their profile so they can quickly and easily add them to their CV. Similarly, when working on their Education, Work, and Volunteer sections, students can see and select from experiences already added to their Experience Timeline in Xello. 


Once students have completed and customised their CV to suit their needs, they can download as a PDF or RTF. 


You will be able to view a students’ CV from their Student Profile within Xello’s Educator Tools. 

Xello’s CV Builder tool is launching in the product very soon and will be available for all our Xello clients. For more information or to arrange a sneak preview of the tool, please book your very own Xello demo with an expert.