Client spotlight
Delivering adult careers guidance in job clubs

Job clubs are growing in number throughout the UK. These organisations offer community-based support to help local job seekers to find work.

Job clubs are often run by volunteers. They offer a vital support mechanism to out-of-work adults.

How is Kudos AD used in job clubs?

We spoke to one job club that uses Kudos AD as part of their strategy to support job seekers. 

Arun, a volunteer coordinator, had this to say:

“We run the job club two mornings each week and we can have up to 25 people attending. 

People from a variety of backgrounds join us. Some have been unemployed for a long time, others have recently been made redundant.

We encourage all of them to use Kudos AD. It’s very good for enabling them to find out what types of jobs might suit them and what they need to do to get into the job.”

It also gives them an unbiased look at the job. It doesn’t have any preconceived ideas about the person which affects the results it gives. This is important because we have a lot of people with self-esteem issues who have either been told or believe that they cannot achieve anything.”

What do job club attendees think of Kudos AD?

Dorek, a job club attendee, said:

“My housing officer told me to come to the job club as it is a very good way to find out about jobs and talk to people who are in the same situation. We get to find out about interviews from each other and it helps you to prepare.

The computer program Kudos AD has given me some good ideas about what types of jobs to apply for. At first, I thought that I could only do the jobs that I have done before but it helped me to see that there are other places where I could work.”

Another job club attendee, Karen, said:

“I got some new ideas about what I could do from using it. I couldn’t find many job adverts for most of the jobs that I had been looking at so seeing other options gives me a better chance of finding work.

It has also shown me what kind of training I need to do for some jobs. I’m looking at doing a course to help me get a better-paid job.”

Empowering adults to discover alternative pathways to work

Kudos AD encourages adults who are looking for work to have the confidence to explore a wider range of options. It helps adults identify their transferable skills and interests and gives them control of their next steps into work.