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Sidmouth College’s innovative approach to combining careers planning with PSHE

Sidmouth College



About Our Customer

Sidmouth College is focused on student achievement. They are committed to providing students from ages 11 to 18 with a stimulating and happy learning environment. 

Long-standing partnerships between organisations provide an opportunity for both partners to build trust, improve practices, and, ultimately, achieve their joint ambitions. We found ourselves in this very situation with Sidmouth College–Kudos clients for over a decade!

Sidmouth College careers and work-related learning coordinator Nicki Young and her team have considerable experience using Kudos in classroom settings. Last year, they alighted on an effective solution to deliver good careers guidance. One that supports students in planning for their futures–and its producing tangible results both in the college and within the local community.

Hi Nicki! You have a very busy role and it’s inspiring to hear how you and your colleagues are engaging your students. Tell us how it all came about.

“In response to the increased focus on delivering personalised careers education, we decided that it was time to try a new approach. We were lucky to have the buy in of enthusiastic members of our SLT to get this sea change in place.

We found that our initial strategy of incorporating Kudos into our careers guidance lessons was effective to a point, but it was not producing the results we wanted to see.

So, last year, Lisa Whitworth, our PSHE leader, and I took the strategic decision to deliver Kudos careers planning lessons during students’ scheduled Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) lessons.”

Making the move to include careers planning in PSHE sounds like an obvious solutionwas it as simple as all that?

“To achieve this level of coordinated delivery across careers education and PSHE lesson time we needed a willing and enthusiastic team to implement the changes. We are lucky that we have a supportive team, that made the process a whole lot smoother. 

I also believe that having the right careers planning tool was critical. We’ve worked with CASCAID for 10 years so Kudos is really well integrated into our curriculum, which means that supporting teachers to use the software in slightly different settings was a whole lot easier for us.”

“We’ve been using Kudos for over a decade now. The product is 100% reliable and both students and teachers love it.”

And how is it all working out, Nicki?

“The results have been amazing! Pivoting our strategy to include the use of Kudos as part of the PSHE curriculum for our students in years 7, 8 and 9 has been game changing.

The students’ skills awareness and motivation has increased. They are more engaged in managing their careers journeys and able to self-reflect on the way their own interests and skills play a crucial role in their futures. Students are more engaged academically but are also developing transferable skills to aid their progression through life.

After just one year, we’ve seen improvements in student aspirations and engagement. In fact, we received the ultimate recognition when a local employer observed that school leavers were noticeably more confident and aware of the real-world skills they need for future success.”  

Student engagement within Kudos is on the rise! Within just a couple of months, Nicki and Lisa could see a 30% increase in student usage. Well over a third of their students are now using Kudos on a regular basis and those figures are increasing as the team implement their revised strategy across the whole school.

Using Kudos to facilitate the delivery of curriculum across PSHE and careers planning lessons has created that all-important link between learning and real life. The students are more prepared for the world of work, and Nicki and her team couldn’t be happier!