Client spotlight
How one partner academy delivered a virtual careers day in response to COVID-19

Maltings Academy

Witham, Essex


About Our Customer

Maltings Academy is part of the Academies Enterprise Trust. Their vision is pure and simple: to enable their pupils to lead remarkable lives. Their values to be unusually brave, discover what’s possible, push limits and be big-hearted are what binds them all together.

The impact of school and college closures as a result of COVID-19 has had significant ramifications for the plans of students and educators alike. Schools and colleges have been forced to innovate and find new ways to engage students remotely.

Maltings Academy rose to the challenge by delivering their annual careers day for Year 9 students as a virtual event!

Tony Degun, Head of Careers, told us, ‘We included a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln at the beginning of our Virtual Careers day, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.’

There is absolutely no doubt that Maltings Academy has certainly inspired its students to meet this and aspire.

Taking a break from their daily, remote learning studies, students completed a series of activities focused on careers information, advice and guidance—from the comfort of their homes!

What gave you the idea to host a virtual careers day?

Head of Academy, James Forbes, said ‘Whilst the national schools’ closure means that students cannot be on-site, Maltings Academy believes passionately that students should not be disadvantaged during this period.’

‘Our Careers curriculum is an essential part of our students’ personal development and we wanted to ensure this continued despite the current barriers.’

‘The bespoke virtual programme is built on some of the most exciting and innovating virtual teaching practice we have seen as we work closely with our Trust. The staff have continually evolved and innovated during a hugely challenging time and it is projects such as this that ensure we continue to provide the very best for our students.

The Virtual Careers Day included a virtual assembly and a multitude of tasks and activities through the online platform, Kudos, to help students evaluate their individual skills and interests and, research career pathways.’

You asked the students for feedback after the event, right? What did they have to say?

‘Our aim was for our students to benefit from the considerable range of online resources we are lucky enough to have access to. Their feedback and involvement were fantastic!’

Here’s a snippet of what just a few of the students had to stay about the Virtual Careers Day and Kudos:

‘In year 9 we are at the stage where we need to consider our potential career paths for the future. We used a website called ‘Kudos’ to help us to understand careers that could interest us in the future, it used several quizzes to find out what careers would best fit your personality, interests and abilities. I was amazed at how many opportunities that are open to me and now I am researching more possibilities as to where I can go from here and am super excited for my future.’ Emily

‘Today was the first-ever virtual careers day and I found it very interesting and beneficial as it made me see how many different careers are out there. This has given me an idea of what I want to do when I leave school.’ Noah

‘I think our Virtual Careers day went really well. This has helped me to get a better understanding of what I want to do after my GCSE and A-Levels; maybe a Degree. I think programmes like Kudos will help a lot of people in the future who are confused with questions such as what university course they can do for the job they want. I will definitely use Kudos again if I am stuck with a question or confused!’ Dylan

Tony added, ‘The students enjoyed a varied and interactive day of challenge, exploration and distance learning about labour market information and the world around us. We couldn’t have achieved all of this without the support of our amazing staff.’