Making the Switch to Blended Learning: Your Guide to Preparing Secondary School Students for Future Success

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Over the past few months, school and college leaders, careers professionals, and educators have faced an unprecedented challenge. Since the spread of the novel coronavirus, leading to worldwide school closures, educators have been forced to adapt quickly and turn to remote learning as a means of maintaining continuity. 

In this free guide, you’ll learn more about how to blend your in-classroom teaching with an element of remote learning. You’ll track student engagement and leverage the right tools to set your school or college up for success. Download your free copy today!

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    What’s inside?

    Are you ready to find out more about how to blend in-classroom teaching with remote learning in order to set your students up for success this school year?

    In this guide, we discuss:

    • tips and tricks to aid educators making the switch to blended learning
    • why it is important to focus on future planning with your students during uncertain times
    • how to engage your students remotely with future planning

    We’ve even caught up with two schools that are using Xello to promote future readiness remotely to gather their thoughts and advice.