Personal Data

The Data Protection Act requires us to obtain your explicit and informed consent to the processing of your Sensitive Personal Data. This Protocol explains what Sensitive Personal Data may be disclosed by you and the extent of the disclosure. It also confirms how we will process this Sensitive Personal Data.

If you are affected by health factors, our matching program will take them into account in matching career choices.

When you use our software you will be asked to identify whether certain health factors apply to you.

When you use the program, your Sensitive Personal Data is only disclosed by you by ticking the health factors relating to you.

The Sensitive Personal Data you disclose in this way will only be processed by us in accordance with ourĀ Website Privacy Policy.

If you are under 18 and you feel that you need assistance

  • to fully understand the Website Product Privacy Policy or
  • to fully understand this Sensitive Personal Data Protocol or
  • to agree to the processing of personal information about you,

please ask either

  • a member of staff at your school, college or other education establishment; or

your parent or a person who acts as your parent (if you did not access our program through your school, college or other education