Find out how Xello can save you time with this pre-recorded demonstration

If your careers education software isn’t really saving you any time, isn’t it about time you looked for a different solution?


We’ve pre-recorded this taster demo so that you can experience Xello at your convenience. The demo is just over 5 minutes long – because we know you’re busy people – and in the demo, you will get a chance to see Xello in action!

Specifically, we’ll be covering ways that Xello saves you time, including:

  • Xello’s whole-school approach, with content that is age-appropriate for Years 7 through 13
  • Interactive lessons and assignments
  • And smart, powerful reporting that helps you draw insights, plan interventions, and even communicate with your students via Xello

Find out for yourself, why over 600 schools in the UK have chosen Xello to support their careers education, information, and guidance programmes. 

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