Xello for Multi-academy Trusts

Education software that puts student engagement and future readiness at the heart of the curriculum. 

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    With Xello, you can deliver your own, tailored careers curriculum while ensuring autonomy to individual school careers leaders within your group. 

    Xello encourages deeper, more meaningful reflection in students while providing careers and senior leaders, as well as trust leaders, with at-a-glance progress reports to allow for tailored intervention where it is most needed. 


    Future-readiness software to support every child


    Xello is an engaging, online program that focuses on guiding students to transform their aspirations into personalised, actionable plans for future success. We know that when a child has a plan for their future, they are more motivated, more engaged at school, and more likely to succeed in school and beyond. 

    Tailored careers curriculum

    Xello’s self-guided and personalised lessons develop students’ life skills and knowledge to support key transition points, while also ensuring schools work toward achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks. In-built reports are designed to be uploaded straight into Compass+ — saving time!

    In addition, custom lessons allow trusts and schools to set activities in the platform that students can work through from any device, at home or in the classroom. 

    Check out our student dashboard video to see for yourself.

    Measuring outcomes

    To support trusts, and other groups of schools, Xello’s reporting suite is built right into the platform allowing you to record, track, and measure student progress and outcomes. You can report on individual students or on a school, region, or multi-academy trust level. This provides insights that will inform your strategy and illuminate areas of focus. 

    Saving time and energy

    Rolling out any new platform can be tough, especially across multiple sites. But with Xello, you can rely on a world-class service to get your schools on board successfully. Our seamless data integration with your MIS, coupled with single-sign-on (SSO) functionality makes setting up accounts a breeze. While our training programme, designed specifically for efficient school roll-out, will have your staff and teachers prepared and excited to bring Xello to your students straight away!


    Getting started is easier than you think


    With CASCAID, you have a partner with expertise in careers, education and technology and a 50+ year history supporting career development.

    We’ve spearheaded regional roll outs of Xello across all secondary schools in Northern Ireland as well as all schools in the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. We are comfortable working at scale!

    Account creation
    made easy

    Our onboarding team will work with you to set up your account and create all your users from the get-go, freeing up your time so that you can focus on the things that matter most. 

    Resources to help
    educators succeed

    You and your colleagues will be ready to confidently lead your students through Xello with free, online resources to ensure you and your students are set on the path to success.

    Seamless data

    Secure integration with your Student Information Management System (SIMS) so that students’ plans are viewable in one place.

    “I saw Xello’s potential from the very first demonstration. I like the personality quiz and the depth of the career profiles is remarkable — everything is there for students to explore. I think the transition to remote learning has reinforced the need for edtech like Xello to become more of a priority.”

    Joshua Mangas

    Senior Leader & Careers, Community & IT Communication Lead, Co-op Academy Walkden